Thank you to the women of the USA who have just nominated us the No. 1 Make Up Remover in the USA!

Our Bare Faced & Fabulous Face Wash was originally formulated as an every day face wash that would help to get rid of breakouts – teenage pimples to menopausal breakouts – yes those stubborn ones that hang around for years and you just can’t get rid off! And believe me, it works! Based on Goji Berry and Acacia Berry and other fabulous natural ingredients there is something in our formula just works! We guarantee it!

What we discovered, with our BFF, is that it absolutely just knocks it out of the ball park as a make up remover! Waterproof mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow – it just strips it all off first go with just two pumps of luscious foam that is soaked in a sensual peppermint as a toner. No alcohol, leaves the skin feeling awake, fresh and clean!