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I hosted an event called “Battle Of The Strands” about a week ago. I met the owner of M3K Beauty and she insisted I try her BAREFACED + FABULOUS facial cleanser. She was telling me about it, and how well it removes makeup. I later ran into someone from another vendor who was raving about this face wash too. I had to try it! Well, I did… and it’s fabulous! Takes my makeup off in one wash. Even BLACK mascara and eyeliner. It really cleans your face. It’s a foaming wash. I have never used anything that took off makeup like this. She gave me the moisturizer too, I’m waiting until I finish my old one, to try this as well.

Co Anchor KLAS TV (CBS) Las Vegas

Kari Kisch

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The Fabulous Face Wash is more than fabulous – it’s a skin saver! Working with theatrical makeup and waterproof products, removal and preserving of my clients skin is a high priority. This cleanser is not only extremely effective, it leaves the skin calmed, cooled and refreshed with no residue. Models even remark on how amazing their skin feels! Fabulous Face Wash is now a staple in my kit, and my personal regimen!

M3K Face Cream has rejuvenated my skin, to a texture I didn’t believe was possible! I have been challenged with the combination of breakouts and constant traveling, which leaves my skin dehydrated, tired, and not looking its best. With M3K my breakouts are nonexistent, my skin is hydrated, and it feels amazing! Finally I can put my best face forward and know regardless of my taxing lifestyle this moisturizer has my back!

Celebrity Make Up Artist Kari Kisch