• Q1. What results should I see with M3K Beauty Face Cream?
    A. In just one/two days you will see a huge difference to the moisture balance in your skin. By the third or fourth day, expect to get compliments on getting that “glow” back to your skin. I know – I know!! It sounds corny – but EVERY ONE of my clients says it and so do I. You get that healthy luster back to your skin and the compliments start from here. By end of first week you will see a noticable difference to the pores on your nose, cheeks or chin (please make sure you take a very good look at your skin before you start so you can really appreciate the changes) From here on just watch the small fine lines disappear and the compliments keep pouring in. I use my cream morning and night and besides my BFF face wash it is all I use – and I have never had so many compliments on my skin!!
  • Q2. At what age can I use M3K Beauty anti aging face or hand cream?
    A. While M3K Beauty is called an anti aging cream, the Optimized Matrix Regenerative formula is beneficial to all skin. We have happy clients from 22 years old to 78 years old. Oily Skin, dry skin or sensitive skin – M3K is great for all skin!
  • Q3. Is the M3K Beauty line just for women or can men use it too?
    A. M3K Beauty Face and Hand Cream is for everyone. We have many male clients who use and love M3K Beauty!
  • Q4. What are the top 5 ingredients that M3K calls the Fabulous Five?
    A. M3K Beauty Optimized Matrix Regenerative Cream, both hand and face cream, are scientifically formulated and tested – NOT on animals – and has the top five anti aging ingredients – Matrixyl 3000, Hyaluronic Acid, L Carnosine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE. Our proven formula also has Vitamin A, C, E and Aloe – among our other fabulous ingredients.
  • Q5. Where is M3K Beauty manufactured?
    A. M3K Beauty is formulated, bottled and packaged in one of the top health and beauty manufacturing facilities in the USA.
  • Q6. Is M3K Beauty good for sensative skin?
    A. YES – both M3k and Bare Faced & Fabulous or Dirty Wash are suitable for sensative skin. We have many clients with sensative skin, blemishes, eczma who are extremely happy with our products. The Face Wash does have a natural peppermint toner but is excellent for sensative skin. If you find that the cream is not suitable for your skin or you have a bad reaction please contact us for a full refund.
  • Q7. The Fabulous Face Wash Range - Dirty Boy for Fabulous Men and Bare Faced & Fabulous - is it really as good as I hear for healing breakout skin?
    A. Our super natural face wash is based on Goji and Acacia Berry for their tremendous healing powers. It is so easy – two pumps of the foam face wash in the hand, wash over face and rinse off! The face wash was originally formulated to work with hormonal breakouts in both teenagers and menopausal women – and it has proved to be 100% successful so far with every one of our clients thrilled with the result. IT was a sheer fluke that our Bare Faced & Fabulous ended up being the best make up remover on the market!
  • Q8. How does the BFF Face Wash work?
    A. This face wash is really the best one I have ever tried. I wear alot of eye make up – eyeliner, eyeshadow and heavy mascara – and two pumps of this foam wash gently rubbed over my face and eyes and lashes – does not even burn the eyes – and then rinse off with water. No rubbing or pulling and no panda eyes the next morning!
  • Q9. Is Dirty Boy Face Wash only for men with breakouts?
    A. Use Dirty Boy if you have clean skin, breakout skin or just sweaty skin after a hard day at work or the gym. Will leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and clean!
  • Q10. Do you test on animals?
    A. NO NO AND NO. In fact, we donate 10% of our profits to our own Infinite Giving Program which will be working with homeless shelters,animals shelters, animal rescues and many other very needy programs. We give give give and are proud to state that we are an “Uncorporate Corporation” by the extent of our giving back!
  • Q11. Why is this line of Anti Aging Cream so cheap if it is so good?
    A. The CEO of M3K Beauty set out to create a top shelf line of products for a price that EVERY customer could afford. We feel that everybody should be able to afford to feel fabulous and this line does just that. We stick to our motto of “sometimes it has to be about more than just profit!!” Despite constant pressure from retailers to increase our price or not be taken seriously – we stand our ground and choose to be remain loyal to our clients!!!

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