M3K Beauty has had a great few weeks with press! With reviews in Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan Magazine, OK Magazine and with some of the top bloggers over the USA – all giving us 10 out of 10 – our site has hit an all time high. Elle Magazine and Ladies Home Journal (with a viewing of over 3.5 million each) also added us to their “Hottest New Trends” and “Summer Must Have” section – bringing in an entire new customer group to M3K Beauty.

June will see us hit San Francisco in a big way with KGO TV doing a huge promotion with Dirty Boy Face Wash and Bare Faced & Fabulous Face Wash and the fabulous boys at Gay Socialite Magazine choosing to feature Dirty Boy for Fabulous Men Face Wash in their “Summer Must Haves” as well. Their editor told us he simply LOVED LOVED LOVED Dirty Boy!

Also keeping us very busy is the demand from stores to stock us! We can now be found in salons in Florida, Nebraska, Seattle, Austin Texas, Kansas and Colorado with another six salons about to be added this week.

They told us that M3K Beauty would never be taken seriously because our price was too low – but we stood by our motto of “sometimes it has to be about more than profit” and continue to supply a top very top shelf product with outstanding ingredients for a price that everyone can afford!

Check on our STORES tab to check out the new Salons that are stocking M3K Beauty!