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Dayna Roselli


I hosted an event called “Battle Of The Strands” about a week ago. I met the owner of M3K Beauty and she insisted I try her BAREFACED + FABULOUS facial cleanser. She was telling me about it, and how well it removes makeup. I later ran into someone from another vendor who was raving about this face wash too. I had to try it! Well, I did… and it’s fabulous! Takes my makeup off in one wash. Even BLACK mascara and eyeliner. It really cleans your face. It’s a foaming wash. I have never used anything that took off makeup like this. She gave me the moisturizer too, I’m waiting until I finish my old one, to try this as well.

Co Anchor KLAS TV (CBS) Las Vegas

Kari Kisch

kari headshots 001 (2)

The Fabulous Face Wash is more than fabulous – it’s a skin saver! Working with theatrical makeup and waterproof products, removal and preserving of my clients skin is a high priority. This cleanser is not only extremely effective, it leaves the skin calmed, cooled and refreshed with no residue. Models even remark on how amazing their skin feels! Fabulous Face Wash is now a staple in my kit, and my personal regimen!

M3K Face Cream has rejuvenated my skin, to a texture I didn’t believe was possible! I have been challenged with the combination of breakouts and constant traveling, which leaves my skin dehydrated, tired, and not looking its best. With M3K my breakouts are nonexistent, my skin is hydrated, and it feels amazing! Finally I can put my best face forward and know regardless of my taxing lifestyle this moisturizer has my back!

Celebrity Make Up Artist Kari Kisch

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Haute Curves LA Fashion Week October 12/13th 2013 http://m3kbeauty.com/haute-curves-la-fashion-week-october-1213th-2013/ http://m3kbeauty.com/haute-curves-la-fashion-week-october-1213th-2013/#comments Sat, 12 Oct 2013 19:33:48 +0000 Kim Johnston http://m3kbeauty.com/?p=1387 1397011_625744787456975_1683455722_oM3K Beauty is so proud to be one of the sponsors for Haute Curves LA Fashion Week. We love it when curvy women bring the heat!! It is proud and beautiful women like these models that teach us all that we are fabulous just the way we are!!!

Haute Curves LA Fashion Week kicks off Saturday, October 12, 2013. Stunning models and designs will light up the runway and make curvy girls everywhere proud. Elite Curves International (EIC) made history when they sponsored and produced the inaugural show in 2012, and will do so again this year.

This year’s show adds a healthy dose of social responsibility: EIC has partnered with the local charity City of Hope, which provides educational, emotional, and other health care services for women with breast cancer. Kris Eliza Boutique, Purple Diva Design, and Z by Zavarra, the fabulous designers of evening and cocktail wear, intimate apparel and other fashionable luxury brands, are some of whom will be featured this year.


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Bare Faced & Fabulous Face Wash – the No. 1 Make Up Remover!!! http://m3kbeauty.com/bare-faced-fabulous-face-wash-the-no-1-make-up-remover/ http://m3kbeauty.com/bare-faced-fabulous-face-wash-the-no-1-make-up-remover/#comments Sat, 12 Oct 2013 03:41:36 +0000 admin http://m3kbeauty.com/?p=1302 scaledThank you to the women of the USA who have just nominated us the No. 1 Make Up Remover in the USA!

Our Bare Faced & Fabulous Face Wash was originally formulated as an every day face wash that would help to get rid of breakouts – teenage pimples to menopausal breakouts – yes those stubborn ones that hang around for years and you just can’t get rid off! And believe me, it works! Based on Goji Berry and Acacia Berry and other fabulous natural ingredients there is something in our formula just works! We guarantee it!

What we discovered, with our BFF, is that it absolutely just knocks it out of the ball park as a make up remover! Waterproof mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow – it just strips it all off first go with just two pumps of luscious foam that is soaked in a sensual peppermint as a toner. No alcohol, leaves the skin feeling awake, fresh and clean!

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Fabulous Fall Sale at M3K Beauty! http://m3kbeauty.com/fabulous-fall-sale-at-m3k-beauty/ http://m3kbeauty.com/fabulous-fall-sale-at-m3k-beauty/#comments Thu, 03 Oct 2013 03:33:40 +0000 Kim Johnston http://m3kbeauty.com/?p=1372 M3K Gift Box GroupIn celebration of Fall – M3K Beauty is doing a Fabulous Fall Introductory Sale! We are marking down our gift box – yes the very same one that went to Grammy and Oscar winners and presenters – for just one week! Inside our very environmentally friendly and fabulous gift box, complete with huge green bows, you will find the full M3K range: M3K Optimized Matrix Regenerative Face Cream, M3K Anti Aging Hand Cream, Bare Faced & Fabulous Face Wash/Toner and Make up Remover and the very popular Dirty Boy for Fabulous Men Face Wash (because men want to look good too!

Our Gift Box would normally retail for $100 but because we want you to go into Fall with all the tools necessary to protect and nurture your skin through the tough season, we are doing an introductory offer of $50.

Why use M3K (Matryixyl 3000) you ask? If you have dry skin, enlarged pores, lost your youthful glow and have lines and wrinkles M3K is for you. If you have more than two face cream products in your cupboard and are still looking for that one product that actually works – then M3K Beauty is for you. We provide a 100% guarantee that if you don’t love it as much as we do – then bring it back :) . YES it IS that good and YES it works!

Please go to the shopping cart to get your Fabulous Fall Gift Box and enter the code – IMFABULOUS50 – when checking out. WE use priority post so expect your box in around 3 days. http://m3kbeauty.com/shop/

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PGA Deutsche Bank Championship – M3K Beauty Is On The Green! http://m3kbeauty.com/pga-deutsche-bank-championship-m3k-beauty-is-on-the-green/ http://m3kbeauty.com/pga-deutsche-bank-championship-m3k-beauty-is-on-the-green/#comments Thu, 08 Aug 2013 02:15:02 +0000 admin http://m3kbeauty.com/?p=1296 M3K Beauty is now a golf fan!! I was recently approached by the owner of “It’s In The Bag” – Tracy Connell (and I have to say – STUNNING WOMAN!!!) to become involved in the The Deutsche Bank Championship, New England’s premiere PGA Tour Playoff Event – by way of gifting the wives of the golfers with some of our Fabulous M3K products. At first I thought – surely these women are spoiled enough, getting to travel all over with their famous men, living a life most only dream about! But then I heard another side of the story. I had no idea that the Player’s Wives Association was involved in so much charity work and after hearing all that they do -the Player’s Wives Association assist in the planning and execution of an event called Healthy Packs which contributes over a thousand bags of healthy snack choices donated to The Greater Boston Food Bank – I was more than happy and excited to become involved!

The Deutsche Bank Championship is held over Labor Day weekend at TPC Boston in Norton, Mass. Since its inception, the Deutsche Bank Championship has generated more than $24 million for the Tiger Woods Foundation and local New England-area charities.

The 2013 Deutsche Bank Championship is the second event of the FedExCup Playoffs featuring the top 100 PGA TOUR professionals. Defending champion Rory McIlroy is expected to take on the world’s best, including our distinguished list of past champions — Webb Simpson, Charley Hoffman, Adam Scott, Vijay Singh, Steve Stricker, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson — and many more.

So cheers to the golfing ladies – job well done! We hope you love M3K Beauty as much as everyone else does!!!

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In Style Magazine adds M3K Beauty to its Summer LUST LIST! http://m3kbeauty.com/in-style-magazine-adds-m3k-beauty-to-its-summer-lust-list/ http://m3kbeauty.com/in-style-magazine-adds-m3k-beauty-to-its-summer-lust-list/#comments Mon, 15 Jul 2013 22:59:23 +0000 admin http://m3kbeauty.com/?p=1268 Well hold the phone everyone – I was in the supermarket today and picked up the August Issue of IN STYLE MAGAZINE – one of my favorite monthly reads. As I stood flicking through it I came across the August “LUST AFTER LIST” and sure enough – there was our Bare Faced & Fabulous along with our M3K Anti Aging Face Cream!!! I was so excited I let out rather a loud squeal of excitment!!! I LOVE In Style Mag!

Just a little heads up to all our readers – they included a 15% discount code of STYLE15. So if you are ordering this month – jump right on in and use it!!!

That leaves the list of our recent press as pretty impressive – even if I say so myself!! We made either the “Summer Must Haves” or “Hottest New Trends” on almost every major magazine in circulation recently!!

In Style Magazine
Elle Magazine
Ladies Home Journal (twice)
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Gay Socialites Magazine
OK Magazine
Jade Magazine

and a host of others!!!

Well Done M3K!

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KGO TV San Francisco Promotion http://m3kbeauty.com/kgo-tv-san-francisco-promotion/ http://m3kbeauty.com/kgo-tv-san-francisco-promotion/#comments Mon, 15 Jul 2013 22:58:10 +0000 admin http://m3kbeauty.com/?p=1244 Well, we just did a huge promotion tonight in San Francisco with our Dirty Boy for Fabulous Men and Bare Faced & Fabulous Face Wash – giving away 100 packs! I have to say I have never seen my computer jumping so fast and we sold out in one minute and 30 seconds! San Francisco obviously knows a great product when they see it!!

Our Face Wash range has been having a great deal of success lately with people discovering that the amazing formula – based on Goji Berry and Acacia Berry – works wonders on breakout skin. Not only that but our Bare Faced & Fabulous was voted by users as the No.1 Make Up Remover in USA!!!

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Matrixyl 3000 – New Test Results From Sederma http://m3kbeauty.com/matrixyl-3000-new-test-results-from-sederma/ http://m3kbeauty.com/matrixyl-3000-new-test-results-from-sederma/#comments Mon, 27 May 2013 00:21:10 +0000 admin http://m3kbeauty.com/?p=1013 Here are the new results from Sederma for Matrixyl 3000 (M3K) confirming that Matrixyl 3000 just keeps getting better and better!

Matrixyl® 3000

Matrikines anti-wrinkle complex which helps:
- reverse the chronological ageing as attested by the regulation of senescence markers. Ageing skin tends to behave like young skin.
- reduce the cutaneous photo damage by restructuring the fragile network of the papillary dermis.

Face care, Men care, Eye care, Make-up, Sun care

Matrixyl® 3000 – New test

A new proof of the efficiency of Matrixyl® 3000, the well-known matrikine based anti-ageing ingredient, is available. This time, its ability to help repair the UV damage-prone papillary dermis has been demonstrated.

The papillary dermis, located just under the dermis/epidermis junction (DEJ), is more fragile than the reticular dermis and is intensely affected by photo ageing. Papillary fibroblasts are fundamental to promote epidermal morphogenesis and wound healing that is why papillary dermis repair delivers visible anti-wrinkle benefits.

In vivo studies have revealed the positive matrix reinforcing effect of Matrixyl® 3000 by measuring the SLEB density (Subepidermal Low Echogenic Band that corresponds to the papillary dermis). A significant improvement corresponding to a gain in age of 1.8 years is visible in just one month, and confirmed after 2 months: the photo-induced ageing is then delayed by 5.5 years.

Another analysis of the papillary dermis by confocal laser microscopy has shown that Matrixyl® 3000 helps reduce the fibre fragmentation and notably supports the reconstruction of the papillary dermal fibre network.

This new test confirms the repairing effects of Matrixyl® 3000: promotion of wrinkle smoothing and improvement of skin tone and elasticity. Claiming “Matrixyl inside” on your anti-ageing products makes even more sense.

For more details see the story site at – http://www.sederma.fr/home.aspx?s=111&r=127&p=3660

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M3K Beauty Now In Stores! http://m3kbeauty.com/m3k-beauty-now-in-stores/ http://m3kbeauty.com/m3k-beauty-now-in-stores/#comments Sun, 26 May 2013 23:48:19 +0000 admin http://m3kbeauty.com/?p=965 M3K Beauty has had a great few weeks with press! With reviews in Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan Magazine, OK Magazine and with some of the top bloggers over the USA – all giving us 10 out of 10 – our site has hit an all time high. Elle Magazine and Ladies Home Journal (with a viewing of over 3.5 million each) also added us to their “Hottest New Trends” and “Summer Must Have” section – bringing in an entire new customer group to M3K Beauty.

June will see us hit San Francisco in a big way with KGO TV doing a huge promotion with Dirty Boy Face Wash and Bare Faced & Fabulous Face Wash and the fabulous boys at Gay Socialite Magazine choosing to feature Dirty Boy for Fabulous Men Face Wash in their “Summer Must Haves” as well. Their editor told us he simply LOVED LOVED LOVED Dirty Boy!

Also keeping us very busy is the demand from stores to stock us! We can now be found in salons in Florida, Nebraska, Seattle, Austin Texas, Kansas and Colorado with another six salons about to be added this week.

They told us that M3K Beauty would never be taken seriously because our price was too low – but we stood by our motto of “sometimes it has to be about more than profit” and continue to supply a top very top shelf product with outstanding ingredients for a price that everyone can afford!

Check on our STORES tab to check out the new Salons that are stocking M3K Beauty!

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New York Editors Love M3K!!! http://m3kbeauty.com/new-york-editors-love-m3k/ http://m3kbeauty.com/new-york-editors-love-m3k/#comments Sun, 28 Apr 2013 16:36:48 +0000 admin http://m3kbeauty.com/?p=718 M3K FACE PR SHOTSA week after our trip to the Editors Showcase at the Marriott Hotel in Times Square, we are starting to see blog and press pop up all over the internet from editors who have been trying M3K all week and are in LOVE!

Raves about Bare Faced & Fabulous and our M3K face and hand cream are coming in thick and fast – take a look at what some Editors have to say:

By Caroline Leavitt – Hello DollFace

With an advanced anti-aging formula, M3k glides on to hydrate your skin, restore its balance and resist damage. It’s really light (I hate thick, greasy creams), and it has a fresh scent, too, and my skin almost instantly felt and looked better.

The formula’s actually based on Dr. oz’s favorite anti-aging ingredients, too, all working together for the youngest skin possible. What I really love is this seems to be the only skincare product you might ever need.


From Jenny Yuen

M3K’s Regenerative Anti-Aging Face Cream is a beauty must have. Believed to be the most advanced optimized matrix regenerative face cream on the market, M3K’s formula is scientifically formulated and uniquely combines the market’s top five key ingredients cited as critical to the anti-aging process: Matrixyl 3000. L-Carnosine, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE Bitartate, and Alphia Lipoic. M3K will leave you feeling beautifully hydrated and refreshed from the first use and its light rich texture is a pleasant change from the myriad of thicker and oily products on the market today. M3K also offers this unique formula in an anti-aging hand cream, which is a rare find in today’s market.


As we age, everyone’s skin change and we lose the skin’s elasticity as well as appearance of lines & wrinkles. I had the opportunity to try M3K Beauty’s Advanced Anti-Aging Formula Optimized Matrix Regenerative Face Cream and given the time to see results and improvements. The face cream leaves skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. It’s really nice and soothing and non-greasy. The first time I used it, I felt the hydration difference.

WHERE TO BUY? The Regenerative Anti-Aging Face Cream and other M3K Beauty products are available at www.m3kbeauty.com

From Beauty Style Watch New York

Apr 21 M3K Regenerative Face Cream

The Fountain of Youth may be a legend that many are familiar with, and don’t we all wish that maintaining a youthful appearance was as easy as drinking water from a fountain. But let’s face it; preserving a youthful look takes much more than that. Although there are a plethora of anti-aging creams and rituals in the market today, there’s a new affordable anti-aging cream that’s ready to restore your skin to that youthful luster without harsh chemicals, painful needles and is easy on your pocket book.

best new anti-aging face cream

M3K’s Regenerative Anti-Aging Face Cream is a beauty must have. Believed to be the most advanced optimized matrix regenerative face cream on the market, M3K’s formula is scientifically formulated and uniquely combines the market’s top five key ingredients cited as critical to the anti-aging process: Matrixyl 3000. L-Carnosine, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE Bitartate, and Alphia Lipoic. M3K will leave you feeling beautifully hydrated and refreshed from the first use and its light rich texture is a pleasant change from the myriad of thicker and oily products on the market today. M3K also offers this unique formula in an anti-aging hand cream, which is a rare find in today’s market.

To purchase visit M3K Face Cream. Retails for $39



Here’s a small review of a new products line that I love called M3K Beauty. Frankly it, it makes me Barefaced & Fabulous. It’s a rich foaming cleanser and toner. Then we have the night cream to keep help us get our beauty sleep on.
Now evervyone knows we tend to get neglect our beautiful hands. Whether it’s from the enironment,jobs, stressed, even those darling kids of ours. What ever it may be, don’t forget to apply this every night before bed, it feels wonderful and you can keep the jar right ar your bedside. The only product I didnt get to try is the Dirty Boy, what can I say, there are no men in my life! Should I go get the cat? Haha, j/k. So to sum it up, fabulous is the word!!

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