Editors Showcase – Marriot Marquis – New York, April 2013

On April 17th my trusty assistant Kim Jennings and I headed off to New York to display M3K Beauty at the Editors Showcase – at the lovely Marriot Marquis in Times Square.  After catching a train from Boston, we arrived at Penn Station to a line for taxis of about 200 people!!!   My fabulous assistant Kim took things into hand and in a matter of seconds had waved down a rickshaw bike.  It must have been a site to see both of us squeezed into the back of that tiny rickshaw – along with my luggage, her luggage, my giant M3K display banner, and our extra large M3K suitcase holding about 300 bottles of Face Wash!!!  Much to the relief of the 120 pound rider, we dropped our bags at the hotel and continued on for a fantastic ride thru the city and down to the World Trade Center!  Fabulous afternoon with a rather terrifying ride thru the traffic and copious amounts of laughter!!

Editors Showcase!  We arrived to set up our display and were delighted to find an amazing organization team that helped us with every aspect of the show.  We also enjoyed a very healthy food buffet and an open bar  – what a great way to start a show!   In no time the press started pouring in and my Aussie accent did its best to be understood!  We had a ball, gave away huge amounts of product to an amazing group of men and women who like us, seemed to be having a ball!

As Boston was on a total lock down due to the bombing we had quite a bit of drama getting home. All planes, trains and buses were cancelled and we were lucky enough to get one of the last rental cars in New York. In typical M3K fashion, we giggled and laughed the entire way home!