M3K Beauty LLC

The Team in Vegas
M3k Beauty founder and CEO – Kim S Johnston – created M3K Beauty’s line after years of using expensive products and seeing no results. “With a bathroom cupboard that looked like a Macy’s beauty counter, I was still looking every minute of my 40 something years. I was changing products every few months looking for something that would make a difference and nothing was – I had enlarged pores, dry and dull skin and was seeing new wrinkles every day. Being Australian I also had significant sun damage. I had spent so much money and just saw no results – so I was determined to create something that WORKED, that women like myself, with a job, kids and a mortgage could afford!” Working with Healthy Solutions LLC, Johnston was able to create the M3K Beauty line. From there the challenge was to get people to take this anti aging cream -with better ingredients than anything else on the market – seriously in a 100 billion dollar anti aging industry.

It was only after her son and VP Kirby Johnston made the introduction to another pioneer and entrepreneur – Texan powerhouse businesswoman Sara Ostrofsky – that Johnston had the finances to move forward. “Sara is my angel investor, my partner and my great friend and without her we would never be where we are today” says Johnston.

M3K Beauty was launched with pizazz and flair at the fabulous Battle of the Strands Event in Las Vegas – October 2012. Since then we have reached record breaking success and were named Official Skin Care of the Latin Grammy’s, CMA Awards, 2013 Grammy Awards and Oscars. We have gifted every movie star from the beautiful Charlize Theron and Halle Berry to our Dirty Boy to Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake!

We work with one of the top health manufacturers in the USA to bring to market products that are exceptional in performance with visually outstanding packaging and are affordable to all of our consumers. What is most important to us, are the ingredients we choose to use when formulating our products and with the help of the outstanding team at Healthy Solutions, we have been successful in creating a range of products that we are proud to have our customers use. Make no mistake – this formula commands a price tag three times higher than the current price – but we believe that ALL of our customers, and not just our Hollywood clients, should be able to afford this outstanding range of products that REALLY WORK!

Our business depends on creating a trust with our clients and supplying them with the tools to enhance their everyday lives. Creating that trust with our clients is the only way for us to thrive and grow. We will continue to support our customers in their mission to look and feel totally Fabulous at an affordable price.

Clients love our product AND our ethos! “I have been using the M3K face cream since November 2012. I am addicted! After the first day I noticed a difference in my face! I thought to myself “Nooooo, no way can a face cream have a noticable difference after just one use”. I continue to use the cream and treat it like gold. I also love that the company is very responsible in its approach to reducing its environmental footprint and they also donate a huge amount of money to great causes. They also make sure that the M3K line remains affordable to all women and not charge what they should for this amazing cream”.

Tracey Woodcock-Cozby

Infinite Giving Group

Here at M3K Beauty, our motto is “Sometimes it has to be about more than just profit!” We donate ten percent (10%) of all profit into our Infinite Giving Group project. Infinite Giving will create a unique project never before seen in the USA that will turn around thousands of lives of men and women with children who find themselves homeless. We will fully support those families for 12 months, making sure children are safely back in school and have all their emotional and physical needs met. Mom or dad will then participate in a program that includes re-grooming, a new wardrobe and retraining in a nominated employment field- with full mentoring and support for the duration of the project.

Infinite Giving Group will also be working in many other areas, working with the parents and children in groups such as MiCleft, working with and improving the lives of shelter animals, working with women’s groups all over the world who work tirelessly to improve the lives of women and children so less fortunate than ourselves. While large groups such as the Breast Cancer Association and others do a fabulous job raising funds to find the cure it is the dream of our CEO – Kim S Johnston – to work on a one on one basis to help immediately to improve the lives of those that need immediate assistance.

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